Monday, August 23, 2010

And, off we go...

I have been meaning to start a blog for a while now, and it seems that wedding planning is a perfect excuse.  There certainly are enough decisions to make, as well as trials and tribulations to report.  Plus, I think that it may make me open a second shop dedicated solely to wedding type supplies and vintage stuffs. 

Anyhow, plans are on their way, and we are getting hitched on my dream date---New Year's Eve!  I have told people before that I love New Year's Eve because it is one of the few holidays that allow one to be the master of their own fate.  There are few obligations, whether to family (not that I don't love spending the holidays with them!) or to strangers wanting candy.  It is a day, at least commonly in the American tradition, where one is allowed to do exactly what they want to do, whether it be hitting a party or going to bed early. This year, I get to do exactly what I want...marry Carey!!!

So we'll put a little eye candy in here...If you haven't seen my ring yet...voila! Carey did a wonderful job working with the designer (another Etsy seller to whom I owe credit for the picture, as well as her craftsmanship---kateszabone)!   He said that the experience was fantastic, even if there were some delays getting the ring through customs from Canada to California. I really, really, really love it (though I would have said yes even without it)!

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